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2020 Hay is in the barn!

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2020 1st cutting Straight Alfalfa Hay

Available in:

  • 3'x3 squares ,146 RFV  $70 / bale

2020 2nd cutting Straight Alfalfa

Available in:

  • Sold out

2020 3rd cutting Straight alfalfa

Available in:

  • Small squares - Sold out

  • Large Squares 3"x3"x8" ,950# $100.00/bale

2020 4th cutting Straight Alfalfa

Available in:

  • Small squares - $8.00 / bale

  • Large Squares 3"x3"x8"  $125.00/bale

Alfalfa Orchardgrass Mix Hay

Available in:

  • Small Squares sold out

Medow Hay

Available in:

  • Rounds - sold out

Corn Stalks

Available in:

 4'x5' rounds, 900 pounds + OR - 

Cereal Rye Seed Cover Crop

95% ISU cold germ tested 

Bulk or bulk bags






Sold in bulk bags or truck loads. Bring your seed tender or wagon. 

$12 / bushel (56 pounds)

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